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Tennis court sweepers

Now that the leaves are falling and the moss is growing it is important to keep tennis court clean and safe to play on. You have probably swept tennis courts by hand, which is no easy feat, although it gives you a good workout!

So is it worth spending a few pounds on making life easier? We should think it is and to ease the burden Danarm have a range of sweepers that will clean and maintain tennis courts, netball courts, bowling greens, car parks, drive ways, garden paths, etc.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes but start with the Texas Handy Sweep 650TG.

Texas Handy Sweep 650TG
Texas Handy Sweep 650TG

This is an all mechanically driven petrol engine sweeper that comes with a collector box included in the price.

It will sweep 600mm wide and the brush can be set to sweep left, straight ahead or right.

It comes in at an impressive £660.00 including VAT and delivery and carries a 12 month warranty.

Models with wider brushes of 70cm and 80cm are also available and the biggest model is the Smart Sweep 1000E with a 100cm brush which has adjustable rotation speed and electric start. This retails at £1,070.00 including delivery and VAT.

Texas Smart Sweep 1000E
Texas Smart Sweep 1000E

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