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Danarm LM5360HXAR rear-roller mower


The LM5360HXAR, manufactured by KAAZ, is a high quality self-propelled machine. This rear-roller mower gives a high quality cut and the formal striped finish on your lawn.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)181 x 58 x 126 cm
Dry weight56 kg
Cutting width53 cm
Cutting heights15 / 26 / 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 mm
Wheel diameter
203mm : 8” Aluminium wheel
101.6mm : 4” Steel roller
Grass bag capacity75 L
Measured sound pressure level
(ISO 5395-1 : 2003, Annex F)
Measurement uncertainty

83 dB[A]
1 dB[A]
Measured sound power level
(directives 2000/14/EC, 2005/88/EC)
Measurement uncertainty dB[A]

97 dB[A]
1 dB[A]
Measured Vibration level
Measurement uncertainty
3.5 m/s2
1.8 m/s2
EngineHONDA GXV160
Engine typeAir-cooled, 4-cycle OHV, Single cylinder
Displacement (bore x stroke)163 cm3 (68mm x 45mm)
Maximum operating engine speed2,800
Nominal power kW 2.7
2.7 kW
Maximum torque9.6 Nm
FuelUnleaded petrol
Fuel tank capacity 1.8 L
Recommended engine oil SAE 10W-30
Engine oil capacity0.65 L
Ignition systemTransistorised magneto ignition
Ignition plug
Starting methodRecoil
Transmission Single speed mechanical
Number of speeds 1
Forward speed1.0 m/s
Recommended gear oil ISO VG 220 (SAE 90)
Gear oil capacity cm3 180 180 ml