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The Lilli 345TG is the smallest tiller in our range. It has a 40cm working width and a powerful engine.

  • Bolted chain gearbox
  • High-performance engines
  • Blade rotation speed of 130rpm
  • Low weight
  • Rear mounted transport wheels


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The Lilli 3 Series is a newly developed range, which is built on a motor with horizontal shaft and a chain gearbox, which is characterised by the larger garden tillers.

The gearbox has built-in reduction, so that the cutter speed drops to 130 rpm giving a quieter workflow.
And the low weight of only 33.5 kg makes it easy to manoeuvre the machine.

The Lilli 345TG has the unique Dual-Shaft gear system. The engine has no reversing gear but 2 axles out of the engine, 1 for forward and 1 directly to reverse.
This makes the reverse gear more robust and avoids the wear of gears, which are typically used on tillers with single axles.

With its milling width of 40 cm, the Lilli 345TG is ideal for smaller kitchen gardens or flower beds.
With the reverse gear you can easily and effortlessly drive the machine backwards, rather than pulling it manually, for example, if it digs down and gets stuck.

The tiller and support wheels are combined in one unit and are all reversed depending on whether you are milling or transporting the machine.
With rear-facing support wheels it is easy to tilt the handlebars down and roll the machine around, and the 2 wheels provide good stability.

Throttle control is built into the control panel. The forward and reverse function is selected with the small red pin on the clutch handle and the handles are comfortable to hold.

Lilli 345TG can be equipped with various accessories (sold separately):

The Texas Lilli 3 series of tillers are new to the range this year. The Lilli 345TG is a dual shaft machine

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Knife: Metal
Rotor speed: 130 rpm
Handelbars : Fixed
Working width: 40 cm
Working depth : 26 cm
Throttle : Yes
Forward gears : 1
Reverse gears : 1
Net weight : 33.5 kg


Engine model : TG195D
Engine Type : 4-stroke
Displacement : 78.5 cc
Power: 1.4kW at 3600 rpm
Noise: 93 dB
Air filter : Paper
Cylinders : 1
Cooling System : Air Cooled
Starter: Recoil
Fuel: Unleaded petrol


91061500100 Weeder Working width: 40cm Part no. 91031500100
(Requires 10″ wheels)
91060500100 Ridger Part No. 91032500100
(Requires 10″ wheels)
91053000100 Wheel set 10″ Part no. 91032000100
Scarifier for Lilli345TG Scarifier Working width: 55cm Part no. 91033500100
91062500100 Rake Working width: 55cm Part no. 91031100100
(Requires 10″ wheels)