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Wiper robot mowers

We are very proud to introduce the Wiper Premium robotic lawnmowers to the UK. Wiper robot mowers have been mowing gardens in Europe for over 20 years. The Wiper brand stands out for its high level of innovation and technology, maximum cutting power, high level of performance, use of high quality materials, Italian style and design, ecological and user friendly character.


The Wiper robots are suitable for any type of lawn. They can easily handle uneven terrain with slopes and level differences. The powerful motors built in Europe feature high-grip traction that allows the robot to mow irregular and uneven terrain and slopes up to 55% without any problem, ensuring even coverage of the turf thanks also to the excellent cutting capacity.
Increasingly advanced cutting algorithms, together with the use of GPS and the “Sat Dynamic Memory Cut” system, allows the Wiper robots to discover and map the entire surface, resulting in an even cut across each area, while reducing the time it takes to mow the entire surface. Wiper will keep your garden in perfect condition, while you enjoy your free time.
Wiper is an advanced robot designed to operate in all normal weather conditions.
The rain sensor, which can be set according to your needs, will automatically manage the operation of the robot.
In this way, you will always have a perfectly mowed and groomed lawn.

via APP/smartphone

IOT (Internet of Things) technology allows interacting remotely with Wiper. Through the Connect module, standard on all S models and optional on most of the other models, and the “My Robot Wiper” app you can configure, manage and receive information on the status of your robot wherever you are, even while you are relaxing under the sun. You can also geolocate your Wiper robot and set up a Geo Fence alarm which will alert you if your mower goes outside a virtual perimeter set and managed via GPS. Finally, the “Go Away” function allows you to temporarily exclude specific areas of your garden according to your needs.

Amico - Wiper pet safety


Wiper is friend to all animals and respects their need for space.
AMICO is a small device that connects to your pets collar. It communicates with the robot and deactivates the blade and turns away when approaching the animal.

Wiper’s cutting system ensures complete and accurate mowing of the entire surface. The casual (random) cutting system is made more efficient by the spiral function managed automatically by the robot. The Eco Mode function (if enabled) allows the robot to independently evaluate the cutting surface in order to adapt the working times to specific areas.

All Wiper robotic lawnmowers are innovated, designed and developed in Italy, utilising the latest technologies to make all platforms more efficient than ever before; both to reduce the time they spend mowing, and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of development in robotic lawn mowing, Wiper’s high performance mowers have many unique and patented features that enable them to give an immaculate cut in the least time possible, so you lawn can be enjoyed for longer.