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Hybrid Grass as lawn protection for your robot lawnmower

Hybrid grass has gained recognition as an effective solution for enhancing the performance of robot mowers and promoting sustainable lawn maintenance. In this article, we explore the specific applications of hybrid grass in areas such as under the docking station, inside the garage, on steep slopes, and in worn-out, unhealthy grass patches. By leveraging the unique characteristics of hybrid grass in these challenging areas, you can achieve a well-maintained and visually appealing lawn.

Auto-Mow Hybrid Grass explained

Under the Docking Station and in Front of the Docking Area

The area under the docking station and in front of the docking area can be prone to excessive wear and tear due to repeated robot mower traffic. By using hybrid grass in these zones, you can ensure a robust and resilient turf that withstands the test of time. Use Hybrid Grass as lawn protection. The dense growth pattern of hybrid grass helps prevent soil erosion and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, hybrid grass' durability minimizes damage caused by the docking and undocking process of robot mowers, ensuring a longer lifespan for the turf.

Hybrid grass by the robot's charging station.

Inside the Garage

To maintain a neat and clean appearance and protect the robot mower and thereby enhance the lifespan of the robot, it is common for homeowners to store their robot mowers in a garage when not in use.

Hybrid grass can be introduced inside the garage, transforming it into a functional and visually appealing space. The use of hybrid grass in the garage protects the grass from wear and tear and gives the mower a better grip. This means that if the homeowner chooses to move the garage, the lawn under the garage will still be in good condition and have better terms for flourishing when the sun activates the growth conditions.

Steep Slopes

Maintaining grass on steep slopes can be challenging, as it is prone to erosion and potential sliding of the robot mower. Hybrid grass can provide an effective solution. The Hybrid grass gives the natural grass a break by holding the surface in place. Thereby giving the natural grass the best conditions for a strong root system that prevents erosion and reduces the risk of the robot mower slipping or sliding down. By combining robot mowers' capabilities with hybrid grass' resilience, homeowners can safely and efficiently maintain the grass on steep slopes.

Worn-out and Unhealthy Grass Patches

Placing a piece of Hybrid grass in areas where there are bare patches gives the robot a better grip. Furthermore, you give the grass underneath time to heal and grow back. The Hybrid Grass looks like natural grass but comes with a mesh design, where the holes allow the natural grass underneath to grow through when ready - removing the yellow and brown patches over time.


The Hybrid Grass consists of recycled plastic, which can conserve natural resources, reduce waste, save energy, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes to environmental conservation and helps combat plastic pollution. The Hybrid Grass is also made with eco-friendly glue and comes in a recyclable cardboard package.


Hybrid grass, the solution to a common problem.

The use of hybrid grass in conjunction with robot mowers presents a versatile and effective solution for addressing challenging lawn areas. You can achieve a well-maintained and visually appealing lawn by strategically implementing hybrid grass under the docking station, inside the garage, on steep slopes, and in worn-out grass patches. As the demand for sustainable and efficient lawn care practices continues to grow, the combination of hybrid grass and robot mowers offers an innovative approach to overcoming various lawn maintenance challenges while promoting environmental awareness.

By offering your customers Hybrid Grass, you offer them a solution to a common problem.
Our Hybrid Grass gives natural grass the opportunity to recover and grow through the mesh. Every garden is unique, but with Hybrid Grass, you allow the robot to cut the entire lawn - all season.

Our Hybrid Grass is a new addition to our product assortment, and it gives you the possibility to improve the grass with minimum effort, even in areas where the robot mower might struggle on its own.
The Hybrid Grass comes in pieces of 80cm x 80cm and can easily be altered in size to fit the need of the garden just by using a knife or scissors.

Our Hybrid Grass comes in a package with 14 bio pegs to easily secure it to the ground. The bio pegs will then decompose in a period of 1-2 years, by which time the grass will have fastened itself to the ground.


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Hybrid grass as lawn protection
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