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Maruyama are exceptionally reliable Japanese brushcutters. Designed with user comfort in mind, groundbreaking design solutions have been used to reduce the weight of the machines.
The brushcutters are powered by Maruyama's own AE/NE series of powerful and efficient engines. delivering high torque power, and are designed for long-term use season after season.

All Maruyama brushcutters are solely sold through Danarm dealers. Our dealers have the knowledge and expertise to advice you on the best model for your particular needs. Give us a ring to get in touch with your nearest Danarm specialist.

Maruyama, one of the market leaders in brushcutters on the Japanese market. What makes Maruyama so special?

🚀 Maruyama: A synonym for quality and performance

  • Corporate philosophy: It is important to Maruyama to offer its customers the right equipment, performance, durability and environmental protection with its products.
  • 💡 Technological masterpieces

  • HERE technology: The engines with High Efficiency Recirculator Engine offer plenty of torque and pulling power with up to 40% less fuel consumption.
  • NE engines: High-compression engines for maximum torque and increased efficiency.
  • 🌿 Equipped for every challenge

  • Ergonomics in focus: Comfortable handle systems with various adjustment options for fatigue-free work.
  • 💰 Professional technology at fair prices

  • Efficient and comfortable: favourable weight-performance ratio of brushcutters enables comfortable use.
  • 🎉 125 years of innovation and tradition

  • Many years of experience: Maruyama has stood for innovation and tradition in motorised gardening for over 125 years.
  • Continuous development: New technologies such as Reverse Start2 recoil starters or anti-vibration systems demonstrate Maruyama's commitment to innovation.
  • Features

    All models are build with the professional user in mind, making them suitable for all professional users like contractors and local authorities.

    • 4-Bearing gearcase
    • Anti-vibration features
    • Splined steel drive shaft
    • Tap & Go nylon cord head
    • Metal brush cutting blade
    • Easy-start recoil
    Maruyama MX22E in use


    Maruyama MX22E brushcutter from Danarm


    • Loop Handle
    • Displacement: 22.5 cc
    • Max. Power: 0.77 kW
    • Dry weight: 4.3 kg
    • Fuel tank: 0.5 L
    • Vibration levels: F 6 m/s2 R 3.7 m/s2
    • OCHIAI EH15 hedgecutter attachment option
    Maruyama MX27E brushcutter from Danarm


    • Loop Handle
    • Displacement: 25.4 cc
    • Max. Power: 0.87 kW
    • Dry weight: 4.7 kg
    • Fuel tank: 0.55 L
    • Vibration levels: F 5 m/s2 R 2.9 m/s2
    • OCHIAI EH15 hedgecutter attachment option
    Maruyama MX27EH brushcutter from Danarm


    • Cow-horn Handle
    • Displacement: 25.4 cc
    • Max. Power: 0.87 kW
    • Dry weight: 5.0 kg
    • Fuel tank: 0.55 L
    • Vibration levels: L 3.5 m/s2 R 2.7 m/s2
    Maruyama MX36EH brushcutter from Danarm


    • Cow-horn Handle
    • Displacement: 35.5 cc
    • Max. Power: 1.40 kW
    • Dry weight: 6.6 kg
    • Fuel tank: 0.8 L
    • Vibration levels: L 4.6 m/s2 R 3.6 m/s2

    Hedgetrimmer Attachment

    OCHIAI EH15 Ochiai EH15 Hedgetrimmer Attachment for MX22E and MX27E

    Turn the MX22E or MX27E brushcutters into a long-reach hedgetrimmer with this robust Japanese manufactured attachment.
    The triple-edged, induction hardened chrome-plated steel double-sided blades give a superior finish.

    • Blade lenght: 55cm / 21.5"
    • Angle adjust range: 135°
    • Spline joint: 7 x 7 x 0.75 mm


    If you have any questions. We'd be more than happy to help you.

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